About WAWA

What began as a community struggle for environmental justice evolved into an organization that also fosters environmental stewardship. The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) arose from community efforts to halt discriminatory waste water treatment practices in west Atlanta.

WAWA is a community based, non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents in West Atlanta by protecting, preserving, and restoring our community's natural resources. We advocate for preserving greenspace, protecting and improving water quality, and promoting good environmental health within the Proctor, Sandy, and Utoy Creek Watersheds.

Westside Story: Sites and Scenes from the West Atlanta Watershed

WAWA ABA - "Seed of the WAWA Tree" - Adinkra Symbol of hardiness, toughness, and perseverance

This West African symbol, WAWA ABA, is the "Seed of the WAWA Tree".  The seed of the WAWA tree is extremely hard. In the West African Akan culture, it is a symbol of someone who is strong and tough. It inspires the individual to persevere through hardship.